A Huge 33 Tips To Handle Stress

With a massive 33 tips listed below on how to manage stress, you are sure to be able to apply a handful to your situation that will reduce your stress levels;

1. One thing at a time.

2. Write everything down.

3. Keep your daily to-do list very short.

4. Don't make mountains out of molehills.

5. Spend 80% of your time focusing on a solution.

6. Ask instead of guessing.

7. Pack your bag before you go to sleep.

8. Balance fully focused work with complete rest.

9. Set clear boundaries for your day.

10. Disconnect over the weekend.

11. Make sure you take time to do what you love to do.

12. Delegate.

13. Eliminate.

14. Be 10 minutes early.

15. Stay on track by asking yourself questions every day.

16. Let your lunch be a slow time of relaxing.

17. Keep a very simple workspace.

18. Build a zone of few distractions for your work hours.

19. Get to done with something that stresses or bothers you.

20. If it does not get done then there is a day tomorrow too.

21. Everything in its place.

22. Check your email etc. just once and as late in the work day as possible.

23. Limit your daily information intake.

24. Listen to yourself.

25. Be present.

26. Stop trying to do things perfectly.

27. Ask for help.

28. Talk it out with someone.

29. Zoom out.

30. Slow down.

31. Tell yourself: Just take care of today.

32. Just breathe.

33. Be smart about the three fundamentals of energy.