Causes And Solutions To Family Stress

Stress related to family influences is not the initial source of stress many would think about. However, it is important as within a family, if one person is stressed, eventually all members will be also. Whilst some issues seem insoluble, there are solutions.

1. Income - Many research projects have shown that this is the main cause of stress within a family environment. When a family member has a reduction or complete loss of income, living arrangements, luxuries, recreational activities, and education can all be impacted. The loss of these could increase anxiety, mood, patience, and depression.

Solution - Effective planning within a family meeting to organise a budget to allow as many aspects remain constant as possible will help with this stress. Even if certain activities or luxuries are lost, just by having the whole family know the situation can alleviate some stress.

2. Health Insurance - Health insurance concerns are relevant to the majority of families. Regular check-ups and maintenance medications are often luxuries that families need to seriously consider whether they can afford. If a family feels as though they cannot provide sufficient health support to their child, the stress of guilt and worry can affect the entire family.

Solution - Seek out local agencies, surf the net, go to chemists, etc. to find out specials, deals, benefits or rebates that you may be applicable for but didn't realise.


It is important to take family stresses seriously as if they are left unaddressed can turn into bigger problems and affect more areas of a person's life. Communication is essential.